Luis Limon graduated college in 1990, followed by Law School in 1993. He is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Educational Therapy to be received in 2023. Luis began teaching reading and study skills to children and adolescents in 1996. He additionally has 13 years of experience working in various fields of arts education related to the entertainment industry. In 2017, Luis joined the team at Executive Functions Coach as a test prep coach, college admissions coach, and executive functions coach. During the pandemic in 2019, EFC’s client base expanded and he began working with adults of all ages as well as school-age students. With a multitude of clients, Luis has extensive experience working both in-person and via video conference.

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Time Management Skills & Prioritization

Time Management Skill Number 1: Prioritization Time management skills are usually talked about in the context of best business practices. However, they apply to all aspects of life. Almost all aspects of ordinary life will benefit from time management strategies that, when used correctly, can really help prevent a lot of stressful situations. It is…