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Getting the right college counseling help can make a world of a difference. The college admissions process can be very daunting and stressful. There are so many schools to choose from nowadays. And even if your student knows which schools are a good fit, they are left confused on how to write college essays.

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Some schools only require one essay while others can require four or five. Without the right guidance, consistently writing college essays well can be a challenge. It isn’t just about answering the prompt. It is about portraying a genuine story that shows individuality. EFC’s college counselors will work to understand your student’s story, their strengths and weaknesses, and their aspirations. Our college counseling program is designed to get your student into their best fit college.

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EFC’s College Counseling Process

Every student is at a different place when they come in for college counseling. Some may already know what colleges they want to attend while others may need recommendations. Some will know how to write college essays and may just need some guidance or proofreading. Whether your student is starting at the beginning or just needs a bit of guidance, EFC can help.

College Counseling by Executive Functions Coach

Below are the three areas of college counseling that we cover:

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Stage 1: My student needs a list of colleges!

Our college counseling team will work with your student to figure out what type of schools they are interested in. We will go over areas of interest, potential majors, college size, location, and other factors that play a role in finding the best college fit. Once your EFC college counselor has a list of 10-15 schools, your student will be ready for the next stage.

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Stage 2: Working through the college application process

During this stage of college counseling, we will organize the different types of applications. Are we filling out a Coalition Application, a Common Application, or does the school have their own individual application? Next, we will tackle writing college essays. EFC likes to split this into two different types of sessions: strategy sessions and editing sessions.

For every college application, your student’s college counselor will always begin with strategic sessions focused on brainstorming and structuring each essay. These sessions are usually longer. Then your student’s counselor will have editing sessions where they talk through tone, themes, grammar, and etc. These will usually be shorter. During this stage of college counseling, we will also tackle any portfolio requirements.

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Stage 3: Picking a college to attend

We are proud to say that many of our college counseling students have multiple college acceptances to choose from. During this stage, we will work with the parents and students to discuss which school is the best fit. For some families, the choice is obvious. For others, this stage is the hardest!

College Counseling FAQ

EFC’s counseling service is an affordable individualized service. We work with each student to bring targeted college application guidance. Our process saves time, money, and ensures a higher acceptance rate to each student’s best fit college.

At EFC, individuals of all backgrounds. Whether you need help with picking your best fit college, writing college essays, or just need some assistance for college admissions, EFC can help. 

A student will typically need a college counselor by the end of their sophomore year or beginning of their junior year. Getting a college counselor doesn’t necessarily mean getting counseling for college admissions. A student can come to us as early as their freshman year for career counseling or curriculum counseling, which are all critical parts in submitting great college applications.

Every student of ours comes from a different background, so we always start with a 15 minute consultation to answer any general questions. After that, we will do counseling for career and college admissions. For our freshmen and sophomores, our counselors will work with them on academic planning and success. This could be coordinating with our executive functions coach, subject tutors, or with your school’s available resources. During this time, we emphasize the core principles of exploration and advocacy. Sessions are usually divided into 30 min strategy sessions and 10 min check-ins. Sessions are typically shorter for freshman and sophomores as the majority of the time should be spent with school and EFC support network.

Every student of ours comes from a different background, so we always start with a 15 minute consultation to answer any general questions. After that, we will do career and college admissions counseling. For our juniors, our counselors will work with them on finding their best fit college and compiling their checklist for each college. These could include standardized testing, extracurriculars, internships, letter of recommendations, etc. The summer of junior to senior year, our team emphasize completing applications. EFC will work with each senior on wrapping up college essays, standardized testing, portfolios, and any other application requirements. Sessions are usually divided into 60 min strategy sessions and 20 min check-ins. We understand that every student is at a different place in their college counseling journey and will create a plan after our initial consultation to provide the best guidance on timeline and expectation.

At EFC, we believe in an individualized college counseling approach, but we also understand that group sessions are more budget friendly. To that note, EFC’s counselors will take on group college counseling programs as long as each student is in the same phase.

Sessions take place through Zoom, Google Meet, or Ding Talk. We work with students all over the country and world and found that online meetings offer flexibility in an increasingly busy virtual learning environment.

Executive Functions Coach will have a home office set up starting March 2021 and will be welcoming students to come for in-person sessions.

Sessions can take place at your home. Pricing for home visits depends on the location of the visit. Additional cost can range anywhere between $25-$75 per session.

Depending on when a student joins our college counseling program, EFC has programs that last anywhere between 3 months to 3.5 years. The majority of the time commitment occurs from the spring of a student’s junior year to when they submit their final application.

On average, counseling costs anywhere between $150-$200 an hour. Here at EFC, our advisors cost $175 an hour, where programs can be 1-2 hours a week for 3 months during intensive college application cycles.

As college admissions grow more and more competitive, a counselor can help present the best version of yourself to make you an attractive candidate. At EFC, we can help you choose which colleges are right for you and show you the best approaches to the schools of your choice. 

Working with a good counselor can make the difference between being admitted to the school(s) of your choice or not. If you start planning for college as a high school freshman or sophomore, a college counselor can help you choose classes and activities that will make you a good candidate for the school or profession you choose.

You can schedule an appointment with an EFC counselor for an initial consultation by clicking here or you can email us at

The term “college counseling” covers a wide variety of services. EFC counselors can help students plan their high school classes and activities to make them good candidates, provide AP class choices, provide SAT/ACT test prep, help students choose which college(s) to apply to, and then guide students through the entire college application process including FAFSA applications, scholarship applications, writing college essays, and application follow-up. 

Depending on what phase of the process we’re in, EFC will work closely with students and parents to create and execute the best possible plan for the college admissions process. Meetings are held via video conference.

For the best results, EFC recommends that counseling begin at the beginning of the first semester of a student’s freshman or sophomore year of high school. However, EFC can work with students at any point in their high school Career.

College counseling is important for two major reasons. First, for students and parents unfamiliar with the college admissions, college counselors serve as guides through the entire process, ensuring that every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. Second, as college admissions become more and more competitive, college counselors work with students and parents to make sure their application presents them as the best candidate they can be.  

While there are no guarantees, a college counselor can increase a high-schooler’s chances of getting into their college. No matter how good the candidate, there is always something that can be done a little bit better.

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Technology has really allowed our college counseling to take place anywhere in the world. We use a host of different platforms depending on where you are and what works there. The majority of our services happen through Google Meet, Zoom, or Ding Talk. As long as there is proper Wi-Fi connection, EFC can connect with you and your student to provide premium counseling for college admissions. When you’re looking for a college counseling service, EFC is as versatile and flexible as it gets.