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We are located at 2477 Little Rock Lane Simi Valley, CA 93065.

Why Executive Functions Coaching

Executive functions skills are the foundation for setting goals, making a plan, and completing each goal. These skills affect productivity, time management, motivation to begin a task, staying focused, and retaining information. Whether you are an adult or student, dealing with an executive function disorder without guidance can be challenging. You don’t have to do it alone. We provide EF coaching to teach people strategies to improve their skills. 

At EFC, our coaches provide quality services for every individual to improve their skills using executive function strategies. Beginning with an introductory session, our coaches will work to understand the areas to improve and create a game plan. Strategy sessions will take place weekly to implement that game plan for our students. Two 15 minute check-ins will occur during the week to check that our students are staying on track. After each session, parents will be updated on their student’s progress and receive tips on how to best provide support at home. Working with our coaches can help individuals understand their executive function disorder and overcome challenges they face because of it. 


Understanding Executive Function Disorder

If you constantly struggle with meeting deadlines, starting and completing tasks, studying, or time management, you could have an executive function disorder. We have skilled coaches with a passion for helping people overcome these challenges they face every day. 


More About Our Coaches


Yi Chang was diagnosed with ADD at a young age and wanted to help people who also struggle with executive function disorder. He excelled in life because of his executive function training and the coaches he had. Yi wanted to provide that same opportunity and experience for others by becoming an executive functions coach himself. 


Luis Limon found his true passion as a teacher after spending time in another career field. He leads by example in teaching his students to have persistence, positivity, and patience. Luis’s goal is to help people thrive in systems that were not designed with them in mind by using tools that improve their executive function disorder.