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Yi’ Chang’s goal is to provide resources that support those with executive functions challenges and teach them how to thrive in a world that wasn’t built for them. Join Yi and Executive Functions Coach in our pursuit to democratize EF resources through daily release of new content across all of our social media platforms and our resource page. 

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Our Backstory

My journey as an EF Coach started back in 2008 when I volunteered as a freshman in high school at my local library in Pomona, California. Back then, I wanted something to put on my resume, but what I soon realized was that every single one of the kids that I taught at our local library looked to me as their friend. I found myself attending birthdays, graduations, and playing basketball with my students at the local park. Year after year, I found one of my core joys of being an executive functions coach: mentoring. 

Our Core Principals

EF Coach Mission

14 years later, I hold that one of my core principles as an EF Coach is to mentor and guide minds, young and old. Back then, I didn’t know that I was actually teaching executive functions skills to each of my students. We talked through how to plan out their homework session with me, created to-do lists, and even emailed teachers to advocate for more help before or after school. These concepts of initiating, controlling our distractions, working memory, planning, time management, organizing material, monitoring, and emotional control were all simple concepts that I used to guide my elementary and middle school students. I didn’t know these as the core executive functions that I would be dedicating my life to mastering, teaching, and spreading. 

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Executive functions and metacognition are essential for success in school, work, and life. Our blog provides the latest news and insights on how to improve these skills.

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