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Prepare for ACT or SAT has been on the if I want to go to college to do list for so long. For many, it is a right of passage to getting into a prestigious college. For some, SAT tutoring is far out of their budgetary reach. For the latter reason, many colleges and universities are increasingly eliminating their requirement of SAT or ACT for their admissions application.

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However, it leaves many wondering, how else will colleges be able to gauge on a normalized metric, academic performance?

It isn’t news that SAT or ACT test prep is out of the budget for many households around the world for these colleges. It can get expensive. Yet, for many post-pandemic colleges, SAT or ACT will still be required. This is especially true for the very competitive private colleges with STEM related programs. This means that SAT or ACT tutoring is still a must for many who desire to go to these programs.

At EFC, we don’t believe that ACT or SAT test prep has to be out of reach.

We have a strong belief that if there is a will there’s a way. So, let’s not eliminate any colleges or prepare for ACT or SAT off of your list just yet.

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At EFCwe have helped students prepare for ACT or SAT since 2012. We get it, 9+ years really isn’t that long. We only helped 250+ students take the test and apply to their top colleges. That is nothing compared to Kaplan or Princeton. However, the majority of our SAT tutoring is done 1:1, where we really get to understand each student’s challenges.

What does that mean?​

It means that if our students can muscle through the material, they can work through our course and prepare for testing without our help. We have set our goal to do exactly that, create an A-Z how to prepare for SAT or ACT course. It will cover everything from test-taking strategies to understanding each section of the test. We will even cover SAT or ACT test prep for individuals with accommodations.

Prepare for ACT SAT tests.

However, don’t worry, if our students need 1:1 support, they can schedule a session with us directly through their learning portal.

 Our goal is to make the prepare for ACT or SAT for college as accessible and flexible as possible!

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Prepare for ACT & SAT Anywhere

Accomplishing the prepare for ACT or SAT for college to-do should not be limited to a geographical location. With our A-Z how to prepare for SAT or ACT course, all of our students can access it no matter where they are. We will even be offering this ACT or SAT test prep in different languages so that it is truly accessible.