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EFC Is That "Tutor Near Me"

Finding that tutor near me can be really hard. Someone that is relatable, intelligent, and can inspire learning is difficult to come across. Yes, there are a bunch of tutoring services out there, but how many will truly connect with you as a parent and your student as a mentee. Someone that your student respects and trusts to learn the subject they just can’t get. Getting a tutor near me is hard.

Here at EFC, we pride ourselves at being that tutor near me you are searching for and just can’t find.

Many of our students tell us that before they joined our tutoring programs, they had always felt like their tutors were just there to get paid. However, at EFC, it is different. We understand that every student has their own learning style, anxieties, and strengths. Our tutors strive to connect with each student on an academic and personal level. When we do so, we see our students build a strong foundation in their subject of struggle. EFC is the “tutor near me” that will get your student back on track. 

Hear From Our Students On How We Were Their “Tutor Near Me”

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“They make you want to take initiative of your life.”

— Neil, Tutoring Math Student —

“They have helped me progress in reading and writing skills. If I have any struggles, I just go straight to Luis.”

— Naseef, Tutoring Services Student —

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EFC is a “Tutor Near Me” No Matter Where I Am. No Matter What I Need Help With.

Technology has really allowed EFC to be a tutor near me wherever you are. All of EFC’s services are available completely online. When you’re looking for a tutor near me, EFC is as versatile and flexible as it gets. 


We use a host of different platforms to serve wherever you are. We can hold our tutoring programs whether you are here in Los Angeles or studying abroad in Europe or Asia. The majority of our services happen through Google Meet, Zoom, or Ding Talk. As long as there is proper WiFi connection, EFC can connect with you and your student to provide premium tutoring services on a broad range of topics.

EFC is a “Tutor Near Me” with Integrated Services

What does it mean to have integrated services? It means that EFC is a one-stop-shop for all of your educational needs. Our subject tutoring programs work with all of our other services such as to bring a holistic experience for our students. 

Some subjects that we cover are:

Subject Tutor Near Me for Students

Our Team

Our team is composed of a diverse group of individuals working together to provide holistic tutoring services. Check out some of our experts below. One of them could be the tutor near me for your family.

Your tutor near me that teaches…



Subject Tutoring FAQ

EFC’s subject tutoring programs pairs compatible tutors with students that need help in a specific subject. Our goal in being that tutor near me is to provide academic success and independence for our students.

At EFC, individuals of all backgrounds with a desire to improve or learn about any subjects will benefit from our tutoring services.

Families find EFC’s tutoring services at all academic stages. We work with each student and their family to create tutoring programs that encourage academic and personal growth. Our goal is to help each student bridge the gap and guide them to be college ready.

Every student of ours comes from a different background, so we always start with a 15-minute consultation to answer any general questions about our tutoring service. After that, our tutoring programs are split into longer concept sessions and shorter check-in sessions. We like to model, walk through, and have our students teach each concept before moving on. This ensures great retention and success in our tutoring programs.

At EFC, we believe in an individualized approach to our tutoring service, but we also understand that group sessions are more budget friendly. To that note, EFC’s tutors will take on group programs as long as each student is struggling with similar challenges and work well together. 

Our tutoring services take place through Zoom, Google Meet, or Ding Talk. We work with students all over the country and world and found that online meetings offer flexibility in an increasingly busy virtual learning environment.

Executive Functions Coach will have a home office set up starting March 2021 and will be welcoming students to come for in-person sessions.

Our suggested monthly programs are 6 hours a month. Typically students in our tutoring programs will see results in the first 2 months and will have retained results after the first 6 months. Independence and autonomy over your area of struggle is our main priority. Obtaining this takes time and effort but is achievable when the work is put in.

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Private Tutors Near Me

Game Plans and Pricing that Works with "Your Tutor Near Me"

EFC works with our families to ensure they are in a program that works to their advantage. Some tutoring program examples include mixing strategy building and check-ins sessions. Get a free consultation with your tutor near me and find out what your student needs to succeed.


For specific walkthroughs of questions or concepts students are struggling with on homework.
 Tutoring programs that consist of more 15-minute check-ins are for students that need the extra reassurance that they are doing things correctly
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Strategy Sessions

Longer and meant to cover broader topics or review for exams.
Tutoring programs that consist of 1-hour strategic sessions are for students that need a deeper dive into the subject matter.
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