EFC provides academic support by teaching organizational and time management strategies to students and families. By honing these executive function skills, we aide them not only in school but in everyday life tasks. Building executive functions skills in the brain is a lot like working out. We make sure to understand parents and students’ personal struggles to figure out what academic support strategies will work. No two clients have the same difficulties or solutions. An executive functions coach largely emphasizes personalized plans to meet specific needs and goals.

EFC has successfully provided academic support to students whose stories are detailed in the blogs below. Executive function skills stress not only emotional but mental support. One of our students, Bridget M., had an emotional fear of asking people for help. With an EF coach, she was able to learn to self advocacy strategies which helped in academic support. In another case, our high school student, Ramzy L., was behind in submitting 50 assignments and suffered from avoidance anxiety. By being his academic support and EF coach, we taught him organizational skills such as calendaring and scaffolding. It took him a lot of trial and error and grit to get through it. Through weekly check-ins with us, he was able to receive the needed academic support to turn in his assignments, raise his grades, and even successfully get accepted into his dream university.

No matter your emotional or academic struggle, whether in school or daily life, EFC has academic support for you. We can teach you the tools for organization, time management, and goal setting. EFC aims to help you grow your executive function skills along with offering academic support  strategies. These are skills that can be applied even after graduating and into your working or everyday life. Executive function skills are truly skills for life. Get started on improving your executive function skills and getting the academic support you need today.