Yi Chang Executive Functions Coach

Yi Chang

Yi Chang was diagnosed with ADD at a young age and wanted to help people who also struggle with executive function disorder. He excelled in life because of his executive function training and the coaches he had. Yi wanted to provide that same opportunity and experience for others by becoming an executive functions coach himself.

Luis Limon Executive Functions Coach

Luis Limon

Luis Limon found his true passion as a teacher after spending time in another career field. He leads by example in teaching his students to have persistence, positivity, and patience. Luis’s goal is to help people thrive in systems that were not designed with them in mind by using tools that improve their executive function disorder. 

Executive Functions Coach

Our Simi Valley office

Visit the Executive Functions Coach office at 2477 Little Rock Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93065. We are conveniently located near Starbucks, just off the intersection of Cochran Street and Tallahassee Lane. Street parking is available for your convenience. Get exclusive guidance from our Executive Functions coaches – available by appointment only.

Why Executive Functions Coaching

Executive functions skills are the foundation for setting goals, making a plan, and completing each goal. These skills affect productivity, time management, motivation to begin a task, staying focused, and retaining information. Whether you are an adult or student, dealing with an executive function disorder without guidance can be challenging. You don’t have to do it alone. We provide EF coaching to teach people strategies to improve their skills.

Unlock Your Potential

Understanding Executive Function Disorder

Are you tired of constantly falling behind on deadlines, struggling to start and finish tasks, and feeling overwhelmed by time management? It’s time to take control. You may be facing an executive function disorder, but don’t worry – our dedicated coaches are here to support you every step of the way. Let us help you conquer those everyday challenges and unleash your true potential.

Executive Functions Coach

Programs Aimed to Help Develop & Hone Executive Functions Skills​

Master the art of organization and stay on top of your virtual learning game. Discover how to enhance your executive function skills and effortlessly manage multiple tabs and projects.

Hear From Those We've Helped

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Executive Functions Coach

Level up your metacognition and unlock the tools to improve your organization, planning, time management, and so much more. Our expert executive function coaches will guide you towards a better understanding of yourself and provide you with invaluable skills. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for personal growth.

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