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For many, especially those challenged by executive functions skills, life often feels like a labyrinth of missed opportunities, forgotten tasks, and overwhelming challenges. A world that already seems chaotic can feel even more disordered, leading to mounting fears and anxieties about keeping up and fitting in. This is where we come into the picture. Our purpose at Executive Functions Coach is to collaboratively partner with our clients, empowering them to unlock their full potential by establishing effective life structures. Through our tailored executive functions training, we assist individuals in crafting systems that facilitate the management, prioritization, and successful realization of their goals and projects. We bolster students’ academic prowess through structured study habits and subject tutoring. Our commitment is to teach valuable executive functions skills to those navigating a world that often lacks inherent structure, enabling them to reach their highest capabilities.

How We Became Experts in Executive Functions

Our founder, Yi Chang, embarked on his journey by teaching executive function skills to local peers in a modest Pomona, California library. Struggling with ADD and his own executive functioning disorder, Yi viewed this endeavor as a unique opportunity to support families in a way he had never experienced before. Upon graduating from UCLA in 2015, Yi made a pivotal life choice. Instead of pursuing medical school, he opted for training in clinical psychology, establishing Executive Functions Coach in 2017. During his formal training, he discovered that a deficit in executive function skills wasn’t exclusive to individuals with ADD or ADHD; it also affected those grappling with anxiety, depression, and other neurocognitive and psychological disorders, sometimes leading to suicidal ideations. Determined to transform the stress associated with executive dysfunction into success, Yi made it his life’s mission. In 2018, Executive Functions Coach welcomed its first coach, achieving the milestone of assisting over 100 families in 2019! As of 2023, Yi and his team proudly declare their success in helping over 500 families and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support you and your family!

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Executive Functions Training For Students

At Executive Functions Coach, we are driven by a singular mission: to empower students to unlock their full potential. As leaders in the field of executive functions coaching, we excel in assisting students grappling with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Our expertise spans crafting effective to-do lists, fostering self-awareness through metacognition, deconstructing complex projects, instilling confidence via problem-solving and critical thinking exercises, cultivating planning habits, and designing individualized success strategies for the high school and college journey. All these executive functions skills are at the core of our mission to turn challenges into achievements and promote lifelong learning.

Executive Functions Coach

Meet Our EF Coaches

Yi Chang

Yi, inspired by his own personal journey of overcoming ADD, has devoted over a decade to executive functions coaching, armed with a master’s degree in psychology and a remarkable track record of 200+ success stories of students and adults. His mission is to support individuals dealing with challenges like balance, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideations, offering hope and progress through unwavering dedication. Beyond his professional pursuits, Yi cherishes moments of simplicity, often found playing fetch with his shepherd dogs, hiking up a challenging cliff with his nephew, or enjoying a nice board game night with his family.
Lynda R.High School Parent
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“Yi is one in a million. He is intelligent, kind, patient, and incredibly passionate about teaching and helping others. Yi’s positive, resilient, and motivating attitude is infectious, and he often becomes a mentor."
Tommy V.High School Student
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“Yi is super talented as a coach and is really helping me improve my score on the ACT to a 33. He sets goals that sound crazy at first but he makes them happen and my skills have improved drastically."
A. RobinsonHigh School Student
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"I have had the absolute pleasure of being tutored by Yi. He has helped me with countless essays for college and the ACT. Without a doubt, the best mentor I have ever had. Thank you so much."

Luis Limon

Luis Limon discovered his true calling as a teacher following a career transition from law and screenwriting. He leads his students by example, instilling in them the values of persistence, positivity, and patience. Luis’s primary aim is to empower individuals to thrive within systems that may not readily accommodate their unique needs. He achieves this through the application of tools that enhance executive function, recognizing the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness. With over a decade of experience in education and teaching, Luis is currently pursuing a Master’s in Educational Therapy. His journey has been marked by more than 100 successful stories as an Executive Functions Coach, with a notable skill in assisting high school and college students in staying on track with their academic responsibilities. Moreover, he excels in guiding young professionals to navigate the delicate balance between their work and personal lives.
Nora S.College Parent
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"Luis has been a game-changer. He truly grasps my child's unique qualities, offering honest guidance and inspiring personal anecdotes that really made the relationship with my son more human."
Jeffrey L. Software Engineer
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“Luis is truly amazing. He helped me with work-related challenges, improved my project structuring, and enhanced my soft skills. I owe a lot of my career progression to his insights.”
Philip M. Graduate Student
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"Luis was my lifeline in completing my degree project. I felt overwhelmed, but he helped me visualize a plan that actually felt manageable and sustainable. His strategies and support are invaluable."
Matt D.High School Parent
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"We've been with Luis for over 4 years, and the change is incredible. When we started, my son had missing assignments and couldn't focus. Thanks to Luis, he's now independent and only checks in monthly."
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Jackie Solano

Jackie Solano brings a unique perspective to her role as an executive functions coach. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in animation, a field notorious for its demanding studio classes and extensive projects. As a first-generation student, Jackie personally navigated the intricacies of balancing a full-time school schedule with two part-time jobs. This experience not only helped her develop crucial executive function skills but also taught her the art of deconstructing complex projects. These skills have not only enabled her academic success but also allowed her to assist high school students in finding their own balance and achievement in various pursuits. Jackie’s journey has provided her with a profound understanding of the practical applications of executive functions, equipping her to guide others on their path to success. With over two years of experience and 25 success stories as an executive functions coach, she excels in helping students set the right structures to find balance in their heavy workloads.
Stephanie G.High School Parent
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"My daughter is incredibly creative but struggles with focus. Graduation seemed uncertain, but Jackie changed everything. Her patience, art experience, and understanding made my daughter comfortable and receptive to structure. I can confidently say that without Jackie, our daughter wouldn't be graduating this year."
Dan C.Middle School Parent
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"Jackie has been a true blessing for my nephew. Over the past few months, the combination of math support, art lessons, and weekly planning has worked wonders. Her ability to connect with him on multiple levels and instill the needed structure for success is remarkable."
Annie H.College Parent
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"It was a relief to come across Jackie, a female coach with an art background. Her guidance for my daughter has been a blessing. Jackie really balances structure with rapport, nurturing trust. I know my daughter will be fine now and my anxious mom brain can finally relax."

What Does Executive Functions Coach Do for Our Families

Students grappling with executive functioning disorders, whether officially diagnosed or undiagnosed, encounter formidable challenges when it comes to initiating tasks. It’s as if an insurmountable wall stands before them, repeatedly obstructing their progress. Despite understanding the importance of commencing and completing tasks, the accumulation of failed attempts drains their motivation and energy, leaving them feeling incapable of further effort. This heightened difficulty renders the surrounding distractions more alluring, a disheartening reality for parents. Executive functions coaching serves as a transformative intervention, aiding students in deconstructing these seemingly insurmountable barriers. Our tailored approach, which has proven successful for hundreds of students and families, recognizes the unique nature of each individual. Our coaches specialize in guiding students to tap into their intrinsic motivations and acquire the essential executive function skills necessary for success.

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