Here at Executive Functions Coach, our blogs aim to spread awareness and education about executive function skills. When it comes to executive function skills, not many people are aware they’re at work in almost every task in life. From school to work to daily life, our executive function skills help us to stay on task when setting and reaching our goals. So whether you’re an adult, parent, or student reading this, we hope our blogs will be helpful in improving your executive function skills.

Though we do emphasize executive functioning, we also encompass other subjects. Other topics include: subject tutoring, college counseling, and test preparation. We have a mission to help students in all areas and aren’t just tutors but coaches for life. EFC believes executive function skills can be applied in all areas of life from academics to anything that follows a student into their future. For instance, learning the executive functioning strategy of time management will help a student when filling in their college application on time. Additionally, this skill can help them into adolescence when they need to schedule and be on time for appointments. We hope these blogs we can teach you how to navigate not only your life as a scholar but as an adult in the real world.

No matter your emotional or academic struggle, whether in school or daily life, EFC has academic support for you. We can teach you the tools for organization, time management, and goal setting. EFC aims to help you grow your executive function skills along with offering academic support  strategies. These are skills that can be applied even after graduating and into your working or everyday life. Executive function skills are truly skills for life. Get started on improving your executive function skills and getting the academic support you need today.

time management strategies by efc

5 Time Management Strategies

What Are 5 time Management Strategies? Ever feel frustrated by your own time management strategies?  Do you find yourself focusing on one task until morning? Or maybe you don’t get THAT invested but lose track of time easily. According to Harvard Business Review, time management skills are one of the most important and desired workforce…

learn how to be productive in the workplace

How To Be More Productive in the Workplace

How to be More Productive in the Workplace Have you ever wondered how to be more productive at your job? Does the workplace environment provide a good environment for productivity? If you find yourself struggling with productivity, we have gathered information to help you be more efficient at the workplace. Various sources have claimed that…

executive functions in the brain blog

What Are Executive Functions In The Brain

Executive Functions In The Brain: What Are They? Executive functions in the brain are the group of skills that allow us to perform everyday tasks in life. They are responsible for how we stay organized, solve problems, regulate our emotions, and much more. Now you may be wondering, “Where are executive functions in the brain?” These cognitive controllers…

causes of poor executive functioning

What Are Signs of Poor Executive Functioning?

What Are Signs Of Poor Executive Functioning? There can be many clinical symptoms for poor executive functioning. However, out of all the years of working with people that have executive functioning deficits, it comes down to a common feeling: frustration. Sure common signs might include lack of focus, problems with transition from one task to another, or impulse control, but…