5 Ways You Can Learn How To Be Productive

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5 Ways You Can Learn How To Be Productive

Have you been wanting to learn how to be productive but don’t know where to start? Is finishing your to-dos always on your to-do list? At EFC, we teach people executive functions skills that can help anyone to be productive every day. If you aren’t familiar with executive functioning skills, head to our blog first about what are executive functions in the brain. Below you will find 5 ways you can practice how to be productive and finally start tackling those to-dos.

Tip #1: Create A Good Morning Routine

Creating a good morning routine is a great start on how to be productive. Implement steps that will set up your day such as stretching, eating a healthy breakfast, checking emails, and creating a to do list. Doing this will prepare your mind and body each morning which is a great way to work on productivity. When you set each day up for success, you are bound to be more productive!

Tip #2: Set Goals

The next thing you can do to set goals for the tasks you want to complete. Goals are important because they help monitor your progress and hold you accountable for the work that you’ve done. Making sure that you create goals that are realistic and are small steps to completing the whole task will help you improve your productivity. For more tips on being productive at home, check out this blog. Once you set and complete a goal, you will feel accomplished and improve how to be productive at home, work, or anywher

Tip #3: Prioritize How To Be Productive

Prioritizing is another skill that is essential to learning how to be productive. This means you set reasonable deadlines for tasks and prioritize your to do list based on the due date. Doing this is the foundation of being productive every day because it will help you complete more tasks and not miss deadlines. For more tips on how to be productive through prioritization, check out our blog with prioritization hacks here.

Tip #4: Capitalize On Peak Hours

If you struggle with inconsistent work flow, you may need to recognize your peak productivity hours to accomplish being productive. Peak productivity hours are when you get the most work done-think of it as your personal “zone” time. If you are wanting to learn how to be productive working from home, try getting work done during these high focus hours. Some people may work better first thing in the morning, for 30 minute blocks, late at night; find what works for you. Capitalizing on these peak hours is essential to productivity.

Tip #5: Limit Interruptions

Limiting interruptions is another strategy to establish being productive. Consider removing distractions such as your phone, or anything that normally diverts your attention while working or studying. Try having a designated working space to help with how to be productive working from home. This means you only work on appropriate tasks in this space and nothing else to help train your mind that it’s time to focus. Find more tips on creating a productive workspace here.  

Anyone can improve how to be productive at home, school, work, or everyday in general by implementing these strategies. It’s time to learn how to spend time efficiently and tackle those to-dos. Practice these 5 tips on how to be productive consistently to improve your executive functions skills. 

-Ashley S.

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