In 2012, Dan began teaching study skills and subject tutoring upon first entering UCLA. After graduating from UCLA, he started formal training in executive functions skills strategies with Dr. Eric Carlson, tenure professor at the School of Professional Psychology. His practicum centered on executive functioning strategies relating to writing, math, and grammar for students on the spectrum (autism and Asperger’s) with mild to severe ADD or ADHD. In 2017, Dan founded Executive Functions Coach with a primary focus on helping students with learning differences get into college. These services included teaching them strategies for test preparation, essay writing, and subject tutoring. Dan further trained as a coach, studying goal-oriented coaching, emotional difficulties (depression, anxiety, suicide), and cognitive challenges (dyslexia, dyscalculia, auditory processing, etc). Prior to the pandemic in 2019, he worked with 15-25 year olds, ranging from 10th grade high school students to graduate school. During this time, he completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology. During the pandemic, Dan expanded his work to younger and older populations to help them cope with the changes in habits and lifestyles the pandemic brought.

Why Are Executive Functions Important

Why Are Executive Functions Important?

Why Are Executive Functions Important? When it comes to the question “why are executive functions important?” I think Harvard summarizes it the best. “A new evidence base has identified a set of skills that are essential for school achievement, for the preparation and adaptability of our future workforce, and for avoiding a wide range of…

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What Does an Executive Functioning Coach Do?

What Does an Executive Functioning Coach Do? Put simply, an executive functioning coach helps students and adults find more organization, structure, and motivation in their daily tasks and goals. How do we do that exactly? Well, we focused on exploring which executive functions skills are established and which ones need more work. We provide executive…