What Should You Look For in a Tutoring Service​

Selecting a tutoring service can be a very hard process. It is a balance of finding someone professional, but friendly. This individual will be working with your child on subject tutoring, probably a subject they are not very excited to learn. You want to find that “tutor near me” who can help your child grow and become independent. Maybe even someone that can serve as their academic mentor to inspire your child to push their limits. All of this can be very hard to find in a tutoring service. 

Selecting A Tutoring Service: What Are You Looking For In A Tutor?

When you are looking for tutoring servicesthe most important part is to ask yourself what you are looking for in a tutoring program. Is your child pretty independent and you are looking for a quick fix or are you looking for a long term tutor who can cover all of your child’s academic needs? In other words, are you looking for a tutor near me that can do all subject tutoring, college counseling, and even mentoring? Are you looking to build a long term relationship with a dependable tutor for math, reading, and whatever else that may come up? Some tutors become mentors who are able to weigh in and guide your child on life skills, college, and their future career. In short, are you looking for a hands-on, holistic tutoring service or one that isn’t.

Selecting A Tutoring Service: Look For What You Want In Their Reviews.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of tutoring service you want, look for that in their reviews. It can be through Google, Yelp, Facebook, or their website, but a good tutor near me should have a few good reviews that really resonates with what you want. It is really important that they have some video testimonials. A tutoring program can really only ask for video testimonials from their families when they have built trust and rapport. However, if the tutoring service has bad reviews online, you are more likely to find them as written reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Take the time to visit their website, read through their content, and see if what they are saying resonates with you and your child’s goals for a tutor. Because they will be working with your child, it is important to find a tutoring service that has been given the stamp of approval by other parents.

Selecting A Tutoring Service: Does Your Child Like Them.

We have found through the years of training teachers to provide tutoring services that knowledge doesn’t always translate to a good tutor. Tutors are in a very unique position to affect change. Most of the time a tutor near me will be working with their student on an individual basis. Even if they understand their subject, they have to also be relatable and caring to the student. A good tutoring program will take the time to understand you and your child’s needs and find ways to translate that in their teaching. Let’s put ourselves in our student’s shoes. They already have a teacher at school, who to no fault of their own is just not doing it for your student. The last thing your student needs is to get subject tutoring from someone that can’t understand them. So after you have properly vetted your tutoring services, make the investment and try a session.

Selecting A Tutoring Service: Can They Still Teach In A Virtual Learning Environment?

Yes, we have been saying find a tutor near me for your tutoring services. Near me is sort of relative. It is so important that the tutoring program can still work online. With what has happened in 2020, we all know too well why this is important. Sometimes circumstances change. Your best fit tutoring service may be too far away. The specific tutor you and your child loves may be moving. You may be moving. Or there might be another situation that prevents meet ups from being possible. In today’s world, we have to ask ourselves whether my tutor near me can teach my child regardless or where they are or where we are. This is especially the case if you are looking for a long term solution for your child. When college comes, can your tutor for math or any other subject tutoring be just as effective in a virtual learning environment? Don’t worry about losing that personal touch. From our experience, technology has allowed us to be that tutoring service that can serve our families in any learning environment.

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